DVGRR sign72While at Golden Gateway, the dogs in our program receive necessary medical care, multiple opportunities for play and exercise every day, premium food, and lots of love and affection from our dedicated staff and volunteers.

Golden Gateway is not an over-crowded, noisy, smelly kennel. We take a lot of pride in the facility and the comfort it provides to the DVGRR dogs. Specialized air-handling equipment eliminates odors, and we power wash dogs’ sleeping quarters daily. Bedding is washed and sterilized daily as are the numerous toys our dogs enjoy. Sound baffles reduce noise, and we have a Special Care Unit for dogs that need more extensive care.

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture inspects our facility regularly, and our reports from them are always excellent.



The Lynne Glennon Sanctuary for Senior Goldens and Puppy Mill Survivors

Acquired in 2013 and opened in 2014, The Lynne Glennon Sanctuary for Senior Goldens and Puppy Mill Survivors creates a safe haven for this precious population where they receive the rehabilitation and care they need to prepare them for their forever homes.


BARKBuddy’s Animal Rescue Klinic (BARK)

In 2011, our dream of an onsite veterinary hospital became a reality when we built BARK as a building adjacent to the main kennel. Our full-time veterinary assistant provides the daily medical needs for our population, and contracted veterinarians conduct spay/neuter and other basic surgeries as well as dental work. We take great pride in the level of care we provide to every dog that comes through our doors.



Pap’s Place / BLT’s

Pap’s Place is our onsite store, open to the public. Shoppers will find practically everything they need for their canine family members from food and treats to toys. Plus we offer a wide range of DVGRR logo wear, accessories, and unique items. Pap’s Place has daily hours and is always open during events held at Golden Gateway. We also offer 24/7 online shopping!

BLT’s is our snack bar that operates during Golden Gateway events to serve up delicious snacks and/or lunch.