Your family should first discuss the responsibilities and extra time involved with adding a new dog to the household. Review our Adoption FAQs and Education pages familiarize yourself with the breed(s). You may even want to attend one of our Meet & Greet events before proceeding with the adoption process to familiarize yourself with the types of dogs we get. If everyone in the family is committed to adopting a DVGRR dog, follow these steps:

  • Read the Adoption FAQs. You’ll find the answer to almost every question right here!
  • Carefully review our Eligibility Requirements. To avoid disappointment later, be sure you can meet all of the requirements before continuing with the questionnaire process.
  • Carefully review our Terms and Conditions of Adoption. In order to adopt from DVGRR, applicants must be able, and willing, to comply with all Terms and Conditions of Adoption. If you have questions about any of the items, please contact Zack Morgan, Adoption Manager (or Jessica Berrier) to clarify.
  • Complete the online questionnaire and remit the non-refundable $35 processing fee. If you prefer to complete a handwritten application, contact us to have one sent to you. Please note that the application fee is $40 for a handwritten application to cover the additional processing and postage.
  • Have your veterinarian complete our online Veterinarian Information Request. If your vet cannot do this online, print the form and have your vet mail or fax it to DVGRR. This form is waived if you have no current or former pets.
  • Help DVGRR by becoming a supporter. Although we encourage your support, it is not required for adoption.

After your questionnaire is received, we’ll review it to ensure that you meet our Eligibility Requirements and determine if we have any initial questions. Since we primarily contact applicants via email, please be sure to check your email regularly for any important messages we may send.

If the initial review is favorable, we will contact you to schedule a home visit conducted by one of our Home Visit Team volunteers. The volunteer will go through a set of standardized questions, review your past experience as a dog owner, and your expectations for adoption. They will also note the layout of your home and how it might impact a dog, and visually inspect any fencing that surrounds the yard. If you have an underground (invisible) fencing system, the volunteer will need to see the transmitter and verify that the system is operational. All members of the family must be present for the home visit; we will make every effort to schedule it at a mutually convenient time. (Note: Some home visits may be handled virtually via photos/videos.)

Following the home visit, we’ll review all application materials and advise you of your approval status. In some cases, approval of your application will be conditional on one or more factors – typically making necessary fence repairs or having an actual fence installed if required (depending on a specific dog’s requirements).

Many of our applicants have adopted from us previously – we take it as a compliment that they come back to DVGRR for a second (or third!) dog. Prior adopters will be asked to fill out a new questionnaire if it has been more than a year since their last one was completed. We’ll also arrange for a home visit unless waived by the Adoption Manager, since this really helps us with the matching process.

If you decide to purchase a puppy, adopt a dog elsewhere, or simply change your mind, we ask that you contact  Zack Morgan, Adoption Manager, immediately in order for us to work with the next family waiting to adopt.

Thank you for your interest in adopting one of our DVGRR dogs! Please make sure you watch our video “Bringing Your DVGRR Home” to get prepared.