“Most people have no idea the value of adopting a dog from Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue. It was the smartest thing I have done in a lifetime of pet parenting. Mickey has been a perfect match and I am forever grateful to Robin and Dennis and the folks at DVGRR.” — Parke Rouse, Philadelphia


Our adoption policies and procedures are in place for a reason, and our adoption requirements are non-negotiable.

Please do not apply to adopt if:

  1. You want a particular dog that is not suitable for the ages of the children in your home. We evaluate suitability on a dog-by-dog basis. Each dog’s description includes if he/she is or is not recommended for a home with younger children.
  2. You want a dog that requires a physical fence and you do not have one. As with child age requirements, we will evaluate the requirement about a physical fence or underground fencing on a dog-by-dog basis. UNDERGROUND/INVISIBLE FENCING IS NOT A PHYSICAL FENCE. We will NOT bend on this parameter.
  3. You intend to have the dog outside unattended or kept as an ‘outside dog.’  (Pennsylvania Dog Laws require that dogs be leashed when not in a contained area. Further, many of our dogs are strays and, thus, are proven “runners.”)

Please understand that if may take several months in order to find a dog that is a suitable match for your household and situation. We’re dedicated to match the right dog with the right family! Thank you for your understanding.

NOTE: There is a $35.00 non-refundable processing fee which you will be prompted to remit after successful submission of your online questionnaire. This payment must be received before your questionnaire will be reviewed. If your questionnaire is declined, your processing fee will not be refunded.