(If you haven’t already done so, please be certain to read how to complete the questionnaire process to be approved to adopt.)

This Agreement entered into this date by and between Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue, hereinafter DVGRR, and the applicant, hereinafter the ADOPTER, for the adoption of the above identified dog.


Any changes or additional terms to these Terms and Conditions must be in the form of an Addendum and signed by all parties.

If any provision of the Agreement is or becomes void or unenforceable by force or operation of law, the other provisions shall remain valid and enforceable.

The entire Agreement between the parties is contained herein. Each clause, and the Terms and Conditions of Adoption in its entirety, has been read and understood by me/us. By signing this document I/we agree to adhere to the Terms and Conditions. I/we am/are signing of my/our own free will and not under duress of any kind. I/we affirm I/we have never been charged with animal cruelty, and am/are not an animal dealer or broker.

    • I/we have reviewed the dog’s file including health information and behavior assessment and have been given the opportunity to ask questions as needed. I/we understand that DVGRR has provided me/us with all available information about the dog(s) but that due to the nature of rescue programs there may be aspects of the dog’s past history, health, or behavior that remain unknown.
    • I/we understand there are costs involved in maintaining a dog, and hereby assume full responsibility for food bills, health care, general well-being and licensing of any dog adopted from DVGRR. The dog will be placed in a safe environment when left alone at home, and I/we agree not to tie or chain the dog indoors or in a yard, and agree to train or re-train him/her to be a good companion. At no time shall the dog be kept or housed in a garage regardless of how well it is kept.
    • I/we agree to contact DVGRR if dog is lost for more than 24 hours or is stolen. DVGRR is to be notified when the dog dies.
    • I/we agree to allow DVGRR to periodically check to confirm the dog’s acceptance of the new environment and family and to ensure compliance with all Adoption Agreement conditions. This may include a home visit. DVGRR retains the right to visit and examine the dog(s) at any time. DVGRR also retains the right to reclaim dog(s) when warranted because of neglect, abuse, inadequate home or veterinary care or breach of contract. The ADOPTER agrees to relinquish custody of dog to DVGRR immediately upon request without legal writ or order until the situation warranting the reclamation is rectified.
    • DVGRR recommends allowing up to a 30-day period of time for the dog to adjust to its new surroundings and new family.
    • I/we am/are aware the dog must be returned to DVGRR if, at any time or for any reason, the ADOPTER cannot keep the dog. The dog must not be abandoned, sold or given to any other party or in any other manner be transferred to different ownership. If any dog adopted from DVGRR is returned within 30 days and is in the same or better condition, DVGRR will consider a request by the adopter to refund up to 50% of the adoption donation.
    • I/we agree dog will always be supervised when not in fenced area, and the dog will not be transported in the back of an open vehicle such as a pick-up truck and understand state law requires that all dogs out of a securely fenced area be under control at all times. The ADOPTER(S) agree that dog will be kept as a house dog, not a kennel dog, and that the dog will not be kept chained or on a tie-out at any time. Tie-outs are not substitutes for a fenced yard or run.
    • I/we will provide dog with a current license according to state and local laws and adhere to local and state leash laws. The ADOPTER agrees to license the dog within thirty (30) days of the effective date of this agreement.
    • I/we agree that a collar with appropriate license, rabies, and identification tags (ADOPTER’S address and/or telephone number) must be worn at all times when dog is off owner’s property. DVGRR recommends a buckle or martingale-type collar. Choke chain or prong collars are NOT recommended for use at any time. The dog may not be attack trained or allowed to engage in any dog fighting activity, and the dog will not be used in experiments or research of any kind.
    • I/we agree to notify DVGRR of any change in address or phone number.
    • I/we agree to provide quality veterinary care for dog including, but not limited to, DHLPP booster and regular rabies vaccination. The ADOPTER agrees to test dog for heartworm and keep dog on heartworm preventative recommended by the veterinarian. The ADOPTER agrees to seek prompt veterinary care when indicated by symptoms or an emergency. If euthanasia becomes necessary, dog must not be turned over to a Humane Society, animal shelter, or DVGRR for euthanasia and ADOPTER agrees to have a veterinarian perform this service.
    • I/we received documentation showing the dog’s microchip company and number. I/we will be listed as the primary contact with DVGRR as the secondary contact.
    • I/we understand that DVGRR strongly recommends that the adopted dog be registered for an obedience course with a qualified trainer who supports positive reinforcement as a training tool.
    • I/we understand that at any time during the life of the dog, DVGRR is available to assist with any questions concerning the adopted dog.
    • I/we understand that I/we are taking responsibility for any dog I/we adopt from DVGRR, and DVGRR shall not be responsible for any damages, costs or expenses, liquidated or otherwise, incurred by the ADOPTER resulting from a placement including but not limited to, damage or injury to persons or property by the dog, and in this connection, the adopter releases, indemnifies and holds DVGRR harmless from any and all liability of any kind and every nature and cause directly or indirectly relating to this placement. Once a dog is adopted, if it is found to be neglected or abused, DVGRR reserves the right to reclaim the dog.
    • I/we understand that dogs may carry diseases and parasites that may be transmissible to humans. I/We understand that these zoonotic diseases may be transmitted to anyone, but people with suppressed immune systems (due to an immune disorder, cancer treatment, organ transplantation, etc.) are at greatest risk, and I/we hold DVGRR harmless.
    • Should it be necessary for DVGRR to take legal action to recover this adopted dog or otherwise enforce provisions in this agreement, I/we agree to pay all courts costs and legal fees including attorney fees.
    • I/we hereby forever release, discharge and covenant to hold harmless DVGRR, and any other person, firm or corporation charged or chargeable with responsibility or liability, their heirs, administrators, executors, successors and assigns, from any and all claims, damages, costs, expenses, loss of services, actions and causes of action belonging to the said ADOPTER(s) arising out of any act or occurrence for the present or future time, and particularly on account of the adoption of a dog.
    • I/we hereby declare(s) that no representations about the nature of dog, or any representation regarding the nature and extent of legal liability or financial responsibility have induced the ADOPTER(s) to make this release and indemnity agreement.
    • I/we understand that while every effort is made to provide accurate history and assessment of a dog, DVGRR does not warrant a dog regarding medical status or behavior or disposition, or fitness for any special purpose. The primary and ONLY function of a “rescue” dog is that of a house pet.
    • I/we attest that the information provided on this application is true and accurate to the best of my/our knowledge.


By signing below, you also agree that DVGRR and individuals and/or corporations connected with DVGRR – whether caretakers, volunteers, veterinarians, board members, officers, directors, employees or anyone else involved with the organization (collectively called DVGRR Participants) – will not be responsible or liable to you for anything this adopted dog(s) does and that you will defend DVGRR and the DVGRR Participants from any claims by anyone else related to anything the adopted dog does after adoption.