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Available Dog

UPDATED: Georgie is a cute Golden-hearted dog that arrived at Golden Gateway from Puerto Rico. This 3-year-old was timid at first and can still be a little wary of people. He was a street dog and at first would only watch from a distance. Now, he’s the first dog to greet us in the morning with a smile and jumps into arms for affection and attention. He still has some shy moments, but now Georgie happily takes treats and loves attention and playing with other dogs. Since he’s been here, he’s definitely a staff favorite, and he’s a nice little boy that’s come so far from what he used to be. An updated Behavioral Assessment for Georgie has been added.

A portion of Georgie’s adoption fee has been underwritten by a wonderful donor.

Visit our Adoption Section to learn how to adopt a DVGRR dog. To better understand our adoption fee, visit our “Top Quality Care” page.