In 2012, we received a call that 24 Goldendoodles needed rescue after a nearby breeding operation was closed. We felt the only choice was to step in andDoodleDay 3 help because these dogs were, after all, half our beloved breed. All quickly found homes, and their adopters were thrilled with their new canine family members.

Then greater and greater numbers of Doodles began arriving at our door step, and we decided to make Doodles part of our mission as well. There was a need for rescuing these dogs. That was a decision that brought a firestorm of criticism; however, we are not breeding these dogs, simply helping those that are need of new homes.

Goldendoodles – a cross between a Golden Retriever and Poodle – are gaining in popularity, and that in turn generates demand that often leads to unscrupulous breeding and overbreeding. Of course, that results in unwanted dogs and the need for rescue.



Typical Characteristics:

  • Energy: Goldendoodles don’t have quite the high energy levels of Goldens or Labrador Retrievers, but they do require a lot of exercise and are dogs that enjoy playing.
  • Friendly: Doodles are generally very affectionate with people, kids, and other dogs. While they’re characteristically a kid-friendly dog, as with every dog in our program, we do a full behavioral analysis and may recommend certain dogs for households with older children or no children.
  • Intelligent: Doodles are very intelligent, which may be a reflection of the Poodle genes. Poodles are ranked as one of the most intelligent dogs, and Golden Retrievers aren’t that far behind on the intelligence scale.
  • Personality: Goldendoodles are typically very silly dogs with crazy, outgoing personalities. A good sense of humor goes along way when bringing a Doodle into your home.
  • Grooming: Like Goldens, do require grooming, including daily brushing to prevent painful knots. They don’t shed as much, but Doodles do shed. Professional grooming costs about $65.00.

Because of so many of the similarities between Goldens and Doodles, it made sense for DVGRR to include these dogs in our rescue efforts.

If you’re interested in adopting a Doodle (or know someone who is), please check out our Available Dogs to see the Goldendoodles currently available for adoption.