16-057 Gabe 4In 2015, we opted to open our arms a little wider to include rescuing Labrador Retrievers as our space and resources allowed. Many of the Labs that come into our program arrive from Puerto Rico where they were rescued from Dead Dog Beach or from the streets, living as strays.

As retrievers, Goldens and Labs share many of the same temperaments. Labs simply have shorter hair and come in a wider variety of colors. And like Goldens, Labs are a very popular breed, but unfortunately, that popularity often leads to greater numbers of these dogs in need of rescue. We have the facility to help, so we determined that we should.

Typical Characteristics:

  • Energy: Labrador Retrievers are part of the Sporting Group, and as such, are typically high-energy dogs that will require plenty of exercise. Yes, as with Goldens, we get the occasional “couch potato,” but these dogs usually like to be very active.
  • Friendly: Labs are very affectionate and want to be around people. While they’re characteristically a kid-friendly dog, as with every dog in our program, we do a full behavioral analysis and may recommend certain dogs for households with older children or no children.
  • Intelligent: Labrador Retrievers are very intelligent (as shown by their numbers used as service dogs) and are generally very receptive to training.
  • Devoted: Labs are a popular breed for good reason. They’re very devoted to their people and live to serve their families.
  • Temperament: Like Goldens, Labrador Retrievers have sweet natures and make excellent therapy dogs. They are also very obedient and often stand out in obedience competitions. They also excel in sporting events such as dock diving and field competition.
  • Grooming: Labs have a short coat, and it will shed, especially seasonally.

Because of so many of the similarities between Goldens and Labs, it made sense for DVGRR to include these dogs in our rescue efforts.

If you’re interested in adopting a Lab (or know someone who is), please check out our Available Dogs to see the Labrador Retrievers currently available for adoption.

For more information about this breed, please visit: www.thelabradorclub.com.