Known informally as “puppy mills,” these often large scale operations serve as suppliers for pet stores or disreputable Internet sites that sell dogs indiscriminately. Living conditions in the puppy mills are frequently horrendous, as the dogs and puppies live in filthy, squalid cages or rabbit hutches, have minimal or no respite from extreme weather conditions, and receive unsatisfactory veterinary care.

The fate of the puppies bred in such facilities is of deep concern. But what happens to the parents – the breeding stock that is used over and over for producing these puppies? After enduring years of miserable existence, these adult dogs, mostly females, reach a point where they are no longer of value to the breeders; they may become infertile, stop producing desirable puppies, or develop medical conditions that render them liabilities due to the cost of needed veterinary care. Having no more use for such dogs, the breeders often readily surrender them to rescue.

These “puppy mill breeder dogs” are typically very fearful or skittish around people. They have never lived in a home, are poorly socialized, and need weeks, sometimes months, of slow, patient rehabilitation before they can be adopted into new families.

Breeder Dogs and DVGRR

At DVGRR, we have been working extensively with puppy mill breeder dogs for the past several years. We offer adopters a great deal of information, counseling and support, both before and after adoption takes place. Our innovative Project Home Life program, developed in 2009, works as an intermediary between the kennel and the adoptive home, helping to transition the puppy mill breeder dog into his or her new family.

For those dog lovers who are up to the challenge, adopting a breeder dog can be a tremendously rewarding experience. Assisting with the journey, which takes the dogs from simply enduring a miserable existence to becoming a happy, trusting member of the family, is a memorable triumph.

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Other Resources

The Internet is replete with articles and information about the puppy mill horrors that still plague our society. Despite many years of education and efforts to “get the word out,” so prospective puppy buyers will not intentionally or unintentionally support puppy mills, the problem is far from gone.

Far too many pet stores and websites still sell puppies, thousands of disreputable breeders still supply those sources, and unsuspecting families nationwide still experience the heartbreak of bringing a physically or temperamentally damaged puppy into their homes.

Please, learn as much as you can about puppy mills and share the information with others in your network of friends and family. Every dog lover and responsible pet owner should view dismantling the puppy mill industry as a high priority of the utmost importance.

The following resource list provides a good overview of the problem as well as ways that all of us can advocate for the welfare of dogs and puppies.

From the
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From the
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From the
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Other Useful Sites:

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Short PSAs
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Stories, Investigations, Documentaries
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