You can feel confident that through our rigorous adoption process, the dogs in our program are placed with carefully screened adopters who match the dog’s personality, activity level, and training needs. While at Golden Gateway, the dogs in our program receive all necessary medical care, multiple opportunities for play and exercise each day, premium food, and lots of love and affection from our staff and volunteers.

Amy Good, DVGRR Intake Manager returning to Golden Gateway.

Amy Good, DVGRR Intake Manager returning to Golden Gateway.

Our facility and staff are entirely supported through donations, supporters, and fundraising. If you are surrendering your dog, we ask that, if at all possible, your dog be current on all immunizations, tested for heartworm and intestinal parasites, and spayed/neutered. If these needs must be taken care of by DVGRR, they will represent substantial cost and time.

We respectfully ask for a donation ($40.00) to help offset a portion of the veterinary care we provide; however, no dog will ever be refused if the owner cannot afford a donation or cannot take care of veterinary needs in advance of surrendering. In such cases, we simply ask that the surrendering owner remember us in the future if possible. In order to continue saving Goldens, Doodles, Labs, and dogs with “hearts of Gold” and ensuring them happy, permanent homes, we rely entirely on the generosity of our donors and supporters.

Final determination of a dog’s acceptance into DVGRR’s program shall not be made until DVGRR staff or authorized volunteer(s) meet the dog in person.  If the dog being surrendered to DVGRR does not appear to meet DVGRR’s Intake parameters, DVGRR reserves the right to turn down the dog.  This shall apply even if the dog was previously deemed as being accepted to the program based on a photo, following a phone or email conversation.

Please review the Intake Procedures, read the Surrender Terms & Conditions, then proceed to the Intake Profile form. We ask that this form be completed to help us better match dogs and adopters.

If you still have concerns about relinquishing your dog to Golden Gateway, please review Kennel vs Foster Home for more information.