We want to provide the adopting family with as much information and detail about your dog as possible. Although lengthy, our Intake Profile Checklist is designed for you to relay the dog’s favorite words, toys or games (no matter how unusual they may be), behavioral history and medical  background. We have found that having this information eases the transition into a new environment because we work to duplicate the dog’s habits.

  • Read the Surrender Terms and Conditions
  • Print and complete the Intake Profile form (print and keep for your records)
  • Review necessary veterinary info checklist
  • If possible, email a photo of the dog to
  • Contact us by writing to or calling 717-484-4799
  • Our Intake Manager will contact you about the paperwork, answer any questions or concerns you may have, and schedule a time for your dog to enter DVGRR’s program
  • Before your appointment, review the checklist below
  • Once the dog is accepted and arrives at our facility, he/she will be integrated into our daily routine at Golden Gateway and start interacting with our staff and volunteers so we can get to know as much about him or her as possible
  • We will then begin reviewing our list of adoption applicants who might be a suitable match for your dog’s habits and lifestyle

Pre-Appointment Checklist:

  • Review directions to Golden Gateway
  • Gather favorite toys, leash, collar, food
  • Bring any current medications (with dosage instructions and date/time of last pill)
  • Bring all dog’s paperwork as applicable or available: veterinary records, pedigree and/or AKC registration (if available), supplemental notes, DVGRR Intake Profile, etc.

Final determination of a dog’s acceptance into DVGRR’s program shall not be made until DVGRR staff or authorized volunteer(s) meet the dog in person.  If the dog being surrendered to DVGRR does not appear to meet DVGRR’s Intake parameters, DVGRR reserves the right to turn down the dog.  This shall apply even if the dog was previously deemed as being accepted to the program based on a photo, following a phone or email conversation.

Read Surrender Terms and Conditions before completing the Intake Profile form.

Go to Veterinary Information Requested.