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What is an Indestructibone?

An Indestructibone is an awesome dog chew toy made for dogs that shred their other chew toys! If your dog shreds his/her chew toys and at the same time drains your wallet, then you are in the right place.

The Indestructibone is proudly made in the USA out of USA made material. It is made of a non toxic polymer which is free of BPA and flavorings, which makes it hypoallergenic for dogs with food allergies.

Our chew toy although hard, is softer than real bone and antlers. It also does not contain any abrasive material. This makes our chew toys last longer than other leading chew toys without the risk of splintering or damage to your dogs teeth. It is normal for the Indestructibone to flake off in tiny pieces about the size of a grain of rice. This material is safe and will pass.

The Indestructibone has no flavor or scent, but has a small hole on each end that you can add your dogs favorite treat to; like peanut butter, cheese, meat sticks or other things. If you don’t offer your dog treats then we have the “Solid Series” available which have no treat holes. We also have multi-packs to save you a few bucks!

Our chew toys are guaranteed to last for 90 days or we send you a new one free. Many of them last for months longer than this.

Available in the  XL Plus in Solid or with treat hole and is made for dogs 51 lbs and up. The Indestructibone XL Plus is approximately 8″ long. The extra length is perfect for dogs with large mouths.

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Solid, Hollow Core for treats