You’ve probably seen stories about thousands of purebred Golden Retrievers in Turkey that are homeless. There is not enough room in shelters, and since there is no shelter euthanasia and very few adopters, these beautiful dogs are relegated to the streets or forests… where the prospects for survival are all but non-existent.

Religious beliefs and Islamic tradition label dogs as unclean; however, in some parts of Turkey, Goldens were a status symbol. As their popularity grew, that status diminished, and owners abandoned them. Animal control officials would spay/neuter and turn them loose. These dogs, inherently friendly, do not fare well with more aggressive wild dogs. In a survival-of-the-fittest situation, they don’t fight back and are killed or injured and left to die in the wild.

When the media brought this story to light a year ago, we watched it closely. Many contacted us about helping, but we wanted to do our homework to thoroughly to ensure that we would be carrying out responsible rescue. Additionally, with our location in Lancaster County, PA, we are in the heart of puppy mill country and wanted to ensure that we would always have the resources for dogs in our own backyard that needed rescue. We have remained in the background to see how the efforts to rescue dogs in Turkey would unfold and how challenges would be addressed.

Until now.

With your help, our goal is to raise money to rescue as many of these dogs as we can.

With your help, our goal is to raise money to rescue as many of these dogs as we can.

The few dedicated rescuers in Turkey work tirelessly to get the dogs out of Turkey… or they die. There is no other option. It’s horrifically simple.

The dogs arriving from Turkey have traveled well, love attention, and are happy, wonderful dogs that go “bug-eyed” when first presented with a ball or toy. The only problem is that the cost of pre-travel veterinary care required to meet strict medical protocol prior to travel, crates, and boarding time waiting for an available flight plus the actual cost of the flight runs about $2,000 per dog.

With your help, our goal is to raise money to rescue as many of these dogs as we can. Yes, $2,000 per dog is a lot of money, but the alternative – the knowledge that these wonderful dogs face starvation, attacks by other dogs, and certain death – is too heart-wrenching to bear. We have created a dedicated fund to rescue Goldens in Turkey, and every cent of your donation, no matter how large or small, will go toward this effort. (If you feel this isn’t something you want to support, we understand, and please be assured that only monies raised in this dedicated campaign will be used to rescue these dogs.)

Once these dogs arrive at JFK International Airport, we have a team of volunteers who will transport them to our Golden Gateway facility where they will receive all of the needed veterinary care, training, and love and attention from our dedicated caregivers to get them ready for adoption into new homes.

DVGRR has rescued almost 5,000 dogs since 1993 and is known for our high quality care and responsible rescue. Every dog that enters our program undergoes a behavioral evaluation to help ensure we match the right dog with the right adopter. The extensive veterinary care we provide in our on-site Buddy’s Animal Rescue Klinic (BARK hospital) is second to none, including digital X-rays and a 23-panel blood chemistry as well as all minor surgery and dental work that may be needed. Dogs enjoy interacting with staff and other dogs in our play yards or walking the perimeter of our five-acre campus with volunteers.

With your help, we can provide this reality for beautiful Goldens that are waiting in Turkey and in need of rescue to escape the horrible fates that they otherwise face.

Please donate, if you can.

(*Updated September 10, 2016)

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