Golden Gateway Guests
Hot Dogs, not all beef**
Joint supplement (Over the counter Glucosamine HCL 750 mg. Must be HCL for proper absorption in canines)
Dog toys, especially XL Nylabones (without squeakers or eyes, please no bones or rawhide)
Milk Bone Biscuits – small ones for training rewards – not large ones.
Chuck It’s (full sized)
Gold Bond Original medicated powder in the gold container

General Maintenance and Laundry
Furnace filters size 20 x 25 x 1
Liquid laundry detergent – HE (low suds)**
Dryer Sheets**

Towels (bath or beach size) Must still have absorbent qualities.
Latex gloves: medium and large sizes
Handi wipes towelettes
Simple Green
55-gallon heavy duty trash bags
Tall kitchen bags with draw string (unscented)
Swiffer duster refills
Paper Towels**
Clorox Wipes
2 push brooms

Postage stamps
Copier paper 8 1/2″ x 11″ (20#) white
Card/Cover stock paper 8.5 x 11 (65#) white
Staples Gift Cards
Bug Spray (for humans – staff and volunteers)
Batteries: 9 Volt, AA and AAA

Drool Room (Kitchen)
Hot Dogs (not all beef)**
Xylitol. This sweetener is toxic to dogs)
Here is a link to learn more.
Ground burger (turkey or beef) in 1lb. sized packages
“Easy Cheese” by Kraft – compressed cheese in a can
Cheese, sliced – but not individually**
Frozen meatballs, small**
Canned chicken
Packaged snacks for humans
Bottled water or Gatorade for staff

Community Events and Fundraising Team
Items for raffle baskets (need not be dog related)
Soda (12-oz. cans, regular or diet)
Large empty wicker baskets (for raffle baskets)

Gift Cards (Easy to Mail!)
Gas cards for the “DVGRR Ambulance” for Sunoco and Turkey Hill
Wal-Mart or Sam’s Club

Items for Raffle Baskets
Do not need to be dog-related. (No used items, please.)
Contact Inza Adams if you need help coordinating pick-up/drop-off of items.

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